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Because we can't trust politicians.

   It was once the usual practice for those serving in public office to post a performance bond for which they, themselves, paid.  This is a SURETY BOND.  Your own money has to be on the line if you are to be trusted and it has to be an amount commiserate with the damage you can cause.   

      As more Americans are now aware every day,politicians and other 'public servants,' paid by taxpayers, can cause more damage than most natural disasters yet politicians have everything to gain, nothing to lose, the moment they are elected.  

       Since those running for office will lie to obtain positions which move them to the heady heights of money and power it is incumbent on us to ensure they can be held accountable  before we give them our support.  

        The solution offered here is the HONESTY BOND, an application of surety bonds,  in use for generations in all professions, including bookkeepers, CPAs, contractors and housecleaners. Known as the 'surety bond,' the point is ensuring the one in a position of trust stays trust-worthy. 

       Included is the story of its inception, which provides some interesting side-bar insights into many presently seeking public office of aiding and abetting those doing so, chief among these Newt Gingrich.